Yesterday me and the wonderful, talented actress Marley Hamilton took time out from our whole afternoon and evening to go through Draft 5 of Death by Designed (aka Fragments). And I have to say I am so glad we did. Going through it awoken so much more ideas that can now easily be applied to the script. When running through we didn’t just read it but me and Marley were in the back garden on this Cafe improvising scenes in the script, seeing what emotions the scene had, how the characters felt, figuring out how the scene got to that point in the script. 


Just doing simply 5 minute exercises like that brings out so much more knowledge that we both wouldn’t have ever known if we didn’t do the exploration exercises. Marley said she feels more connected to the protagonist now and she’s is extremely excited to play her. 

Prior to this day I have had feedback from Dom and Christie about the script and it was so helpful and interesting to get their feedback because they both had completely different things to say about the it, which again was really great for me to hear and understand and an epic aid to the script. At this moment I’m now trying to think of locations and other important points that is needed to make this film come to fruition…and of course now in the middle of writing the 6th draft. :D

Another Artist who has combined fine art with modern art; A series of digital paintings by talented Vienna-based artist Dorothee Golz features classic portrait faces paintings combined with bodies of modern people. Wonderful and creative artworks were inspired by classic oil paintings.

Photographer - Flora Borsi

Flora Borsi, a photographer from Hungary has done an abstract project called The Real Life Models; Borsi’s project has brought fine art to life, applying it to her models. My favourite one has to be the model wearing blue. 

Photographer - NICK BRANDT

I stumbled upon this artist/photographer Nick Brandt and his recent work is crazily scary, but it is SO good! The compositions above are amazing, he has literally photographed animals that have turned to stone; (I’ll get to how in a second) But I think each image is so hauntingly shocking. There is certainly a huge gothic theme about each and every composition which I love. I think the project goes above the idea of having a gothic, dead feel to the photos; I believe this is a very bold statement on capturing and freezing the visual of death and what happens to the body after death. It’s the simple notion of knowing that these animals are literally froze in the state the are, the idea of non-decomposing in itself is a very chilling thought indeed.  

How these animals have turned to stone is all due to the location of where these animals were. Tanzania’s Lake Natron is one of the most serene lakes in all of Africa, but it’s also the source of some of the most eerie photographs ever captured. You see, Lake Natron has a very deadly secret, it turns any animal it touches to stone.

This incredibly rare phenomenon is caused by the chemical makeup of the lake, the alkalinity of Lake Natron varies between pH 9 and pH 10.5. Which is so caustic it burns the skin and eyes of animals that get too close to the water, leaving behind something straight out of a horror film.

Website - Click here

Found an amazing photographer called Katerina Plotnikova. I don’t want to say too much because I think her compositions speak for themselves but I think that this series of work that she composed is amazing!!! The animals are ALL real. I think there is something so magical about this collection; it’s so hypnotic and subtly seductively sensual. I think the concept of being at one with nature is truly beautiful. 

I found this Fine artist, Hannah Hill. 

Small Bio from her website - Click here. 

Hannah Hill was born in the small town of Gadsden, Alabama in 1990. She studied at both the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore and the Burren College of Art in Ireland. Her art has been shown in the Vulcan Materials Gallery in Birmingham Alabama, Area 405 in Baltimore and in the Newtown Castle Gallery in Ballyvaughan Ireland and is included the private collection of Kevin Kavanagh Gallery in Dublin and the Timmons Collection in London. She currently lives and works in New York, New York.

I really like her work, I think she really does associate her work with abstract influences but at the same time every piece of her work does express emotion that is recognisable. I also love the ambiguity of her paintings, you know each piece has something powerful to say and yet at the same time the audience is never granted an answer. Which I think makes the attraction to the paintings more great!

An additionally ten photos…. 

Here are some screenshots of imagery from films, shorts, music videos etc that I’ve really liked and helped me visualise the new script

Where’s April Gone?

It’s been over a month since I last updated my blog and I must say it’s gone by quickly so thought I’d just make a quick update on what’s happening.

   Since completing the first draft over a month ago, I’ve been working on new drafts of the script…maybe around two weeks ago I was really struggling with the second draft, not with the narrative and telling the story itself but I just always felt something didn’t feel right. I kept thinking about it and thinking about it and couldn’t put my finger on it. Then one evening I had a epiphany, a striking realisation that really highlighted and identified what I was feeling and suddenly everything made sense. I was so focused on the character development and coming up with really emotionally potent scenes that I thought would be beneficial for conveying the narrative. BUT that’s it! That’s were I was going wrong. The epiphany came to me, that’s not what I initially wanted when I began exploring this idea. I went back to the initial spark of inspiration, the source for the idea. I wanted to write something new, different and to challenge myself as a writer, conveying a narrative in a completely new structure that was alien to me. Naturally I began the first draft through a linear structure, which is what I set out to do; to make things clear so it would be easier for me to transition that into this new (alien) narrative structure. As I got to the second draft, I didn’t loose that idea but I got so lost in the story that it naturally became lost.

   But I am glad I’ve experienced that because it’s nice to take comfort in the idea that if you loose your way in the process of making something, which certainly applies to any artistic expression, and the creator(s) feel that something isn’t right; go back to the beginning, go to the bare bones of why this project came about and suddenly everything becomes so clear again. (Quite a refreshing and comforting feeling).

   I’ve now finished the 3rd draft which is great, as well as always trying to improve the story, I’m now going to really try and start thinking about production, how to work really figure out and work around the idea of being a true freelancer. As I’ve been writing I’ve been collecting imagery from a load of variety of different films, music videos, short films etc that I’ve seen, basically to make what I see in my head come to life (in a sense), I’ll pick out some of the best images and upload them on the next post, hopefully it will try and hint at the types of themes that this short hopefully would convey.   



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